Thanh Hoa launches smart tourism product: MobiFone Smart Travel

Đăng ngày 07 - 04 - 2022

On the morning of April 2, at Lam Kinh Special National Monument, Thanh Hoa Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a ceremony to launch the smart tourism product MobiFone Smart Travel and welcome visitors to the Lam Kinh Main Palace in Thanh Hoa.

Attending the ceremony, there were: Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh, General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism; Mr Nguyen Van Thi, Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee; Dr. Nguyen Van Doan, Director of the National Museum of History; Mr. Vinh Tuan Bao, Deputy General Director of MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation; leadership representative of Vietnam Tourism Association; Thanh Hoa Tourism Association; representative of Hoa Lu Ancient Monument Conservation Center, Ninh Binh; Management Board of Hung Yen Historical Relics as well as some familiar provinces; leaders of provincial-level departments, agencies and branches; Tho Xuan district and other districts, towns and cities in the province. 

At the ceremony, the representative of MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation introduced the smart tourism product called MobiFone Smart Travel. This is the first result of a tripartite cooperation agreement between Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee and MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation signed in April 2021. 

With the MobiFone Smart Travel application, the famous landscapes of Thanh such as Lam Kinh relic site, Ho Dynasty Citadel, Am Tien (Temple of Nua), Pu Luong including information and images are reproduced vividly and completely,… serving the search, selection and experience of travelers' journeys on a global scale. Currently the application is available on the Apple Store, Google Play Store, CH Play. 

Accordingly, the Smart Tourism Project in Thanh Hoa is implemented in two phases. The first phase has focused on building a smart travel application and successfully digitalizing many tourist attractions of Thanh Hoa with the following features: VR 360 travel experience; experience local tourism by augmented reality technology AR; searching tourist information. Currently, Thanh Hoa province has cooperated with Mobifone to digitalize tourism at famous destinations, such as: Lam Kinh relic site; Pu Luong; Citadel of the Ho Dynasty; Nua Temple - Am Tien. In the upcoming phase, the project will focus on developing advanced features for connecting accommodation, travel, restaurant, and entertainment organizations. 

Speaking at the ceremony, orienting the development of smart tourism in Thanh Hoa in the coming time, Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh, General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, affirmed: “The event of launching smart tourism products and welcoming visitors to the Lam Kinh Main Palace of Thanh Hoa province is a meaningful and timely event in the context that Vietnam has just officially reopened tourism activities under the conditions " new normal” from March 15, 2022.”

With the orientation to promote digital transformation in localities, Thanh Hoa is one of four localities selected by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to develop and implement solutions to promote digital transformation, towards the goal of developing a smart tourism ecosystem. In 2021, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, MobiFone Corporation and the People's Committee of Thanh Hoa province signed an agreement on cooperation in developing Thanh Hoa tourism through digital transformation and smart tourism. This is an important basis for implementing digital transformation cooperation programs for sustainable and long-term local tourism development. 

Speaking to direct and assign tasks about tourism development and the operation, management and exploitation of Lam Kinh Main Palace, Mr. Nguyen Van Thi, Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee, highly appreciated the idea, initiative and timeliness of the tourism industry in starting and reopening tourism activities in the province.  

In order to exploit and promote the above potentials and advantages, over the years, with the attention of the Party and Government, the support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism as well as Central ministries and branches; Thanh Hoa has focused on leadership, drastic direction, prioritizing resources for tourism development investment in general and the work of renovating and embellishing relics in particular; contributing to improving the value of the relic, creating an attractive cultural, historical and spiritual destination with famous landmarks such as: Ho Dynasty Citadel, Phu Trinh, Nghe Vet, Yen Truong relic, Ba Trieu Temple and especially Lam Kinh Historical Site - a project with many items and works implemented since 2010 on a total area of 1,662m2. This is the largest-scale wooden construction ever in the province, creating the stature and comprehensive change for Lam Kinh historical site in particular and the relic system in the province in particular. 

The official announcement of welcoming tourists to visit Lam Kinh Main Palace and deploying virtual reality and augmented reality tourism applications at this relic will make the destination more stunning, which is an important push for Thanh Hoa's cultural, historical and spiritual tourism products to gain a worthy position and increasingly attract tourists to visit.

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