Some economic indicators of Thanh Hoa province in 2023.

Đăng ngày 10 - 04 - 2023

On the basis of the results achieved in the socio – economic development in 2022, Thanh hoa province has set out the main goals and targets in the socio – economic development plan in 2023 that are assessed as the high practicability.

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In 2023, Thanh Hoa province strives for the growth rate of gross domestic product (GRDP) to reach 11% or more. In which, Agriculture, forestry and fishery increased by 3% or more, construction industry by 14,2% or more, services by 9,8% or more, product tax by 9,6 above.

GRDP per capita reaches 3.200 USD or more.

Food production keeps at 1,5 million tons.

Total export value reaches 5.500 million USD.

Total mobilization of investment and development capital reaches VND 140.000 billion.

State budget revenue reaches 35.340 billion VND.

The area of ​​agricultural land that is accumulated and concentrated for large-scale agricultural production and high-tech application increases by 7.100 ha.

The number of newly established enterprises is from 3.000 enterprises or more.

Urbanization rate of 38% or more.

Social labor productivity growth rate of 10% or more.

The province adds 1 district meeting new rural standards, 17 communes meeting new rural standards, 22 communes meeting new advanced rural standards, 8 communes meeting model new rural standards./.



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